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    What Daily Memories?

    Most people don’t like it (at least not at first). Many people say you should do it. It never seems to stick for very long even when you do try it… What is it? JOURNALING of course! I was reading a book over the last couple of weeks (which I might get into in another post), and the author mentioned getting into the habit of journaling each day. This is not a word I’ve cared at all for up to this point in my life! I know I’ve tried this in the past and it never seems to stick. But then the author proceeded to explain his struggles also with…

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    Spontaneously Planned

    Kids have an adept ability to be creative, competitive, thoughtful, rude, kind, and mean, all in the same day! I will share something that happened this week with the kids at home. We were enjoying a couple of nights ago at home as a family. Nothing fancy or costly. We played a game or two, and the kids got to release a bunch of energy “playing” with dad. The “dad can we please play with you” request, which I seem to hear EVERY day, is code for “lets climb and wrestle all over you until you’re too tired and then keep doing it some more”! Honestly, it’s these evenings that…

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    The Enchanting Hour

    There is a special time in my house that a friend of mine calls the enchanting hour. A time when my house is still. During that time I read, write, fold laundry, or occasionally catch up on a show. Mainly it is a quiet time. If dishes are in the sink, I leave them for the time being. The vacuuming can wait for later. Literally, if anything noisy needs to be done, I can ABSOLUTELY leave it alone! Why? Because it is nap time, and I want my kids to go to sleep!  But seriously, I have other reasons why is this such a special time as well. This is…

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    My Favorite Authors!

    Today I want to share with you one of my favorite hobbies: reading! I am always on the hunt for a good book. I have read many genres over the years. But right now I want to talk about my favorite fictional lady authors. And a great benefit: All of these books are safe for your teenager to read! These are enjoyable stories free of any risqué writing in their plots. The first that comes to my mind is Robin Jones Gunn. I LOVE her books! They are set in modern day times. I think that one of the first book of hers that I read was part of the…

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    The Word

    I saw this quote recently that was attributed to Charles Spurgeon, which got me thinking. “If we do not love the Bible, we certainly do not love the God who gave it to us” My first question in thinking critically is: “But, is that true?” If I receive a gift from my parents who gave it to me out of their incredible love for me, and I don’t really “love” that item as much as I love them, is that a bad thing? Does that mean I don’t love my parents? So in similitude to this story or train of thought, is that God gave us the Scriptures, but if…