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    Red Pepper Chili

    The other day it was snowy, windy, and cold – absolutely perfect weather for chili. Our family all loves chili, and I have tried several recipes over the years. The one I am sharing with everyone today is reaching the top as one of my favorites. I found it on www.tablefortwoblog.com, and just adapted it our taste. One of the nicest features about this recipe is that you can throw all the ingredients into the crockpot at once and let it cook down while you are doing other projects. I serve mine with dabble of sour cream and shredded cheese on top, and cornbread on the side. But you can…

  • Cooking,  Kitchen,  Recipes

    Double Boiler

    *Guest post by Derek A while back, my wife had a need for a double boiler to make her DELICIOUS Ham Mustard Sauce.  There are plenty of pre-made solutions for a bit of a fee, but we opted for ingenuity as opposed to cash and decided to make our own. What we ended up with was a pot half filled with water and a glass bowl set into it.  The key, though, is three toothpicks set at 1/3 radial intervals.  This allows the steam to escape but keeps it from escaping too freely. Just thought I’d share this handy, cheap tip. 🙂