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    Mama’s And Angel Wings

    I wrote this post several months ago. But waited to share this until this Month. October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant loss. day. While I always had compassion for those who had experienced this… I was unprepared for the grief and feelings of experiencing this loss. On a recent morning I was reading in my devotions on the topic of contentment. I began to reflect on areas of contentment in my life. Thinking way back, as young girls we like to play house, and we build dreams of what we hope the future will hold. One of my dreams all of these years, was to have four children. Two boys…

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    Home Keeping 101

    As a mom and wife, I am trying to really work on an area that I struggle in…Homekeeping. In our 11 years of marriage I have had times when I did it almost perfectly and I have had times that it really needed some help. Currently I am somewhere in the middle. I want my home to be better than what it is, but it has been worse. So today I want to share a few things that help me keep on top of it. First thing make a list. If you are struggling, make a list because if you don’t you will forget something. I have a list for…

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    My Memorial Day Musings

    Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays. As a child it was just a holiday to kick off the beginning of summer. But as I have gotten older the real meaning of Memorial Day has really settled in my heart. I like to think I have always had a patriotic heart, if you will. But while I knew it was about the fallen soldiers, I failed to connect the dots to real people. But it was through the help of my grandfather that it became more than just a day – it became about people. In grade school I learned the poem, In Flanders Field by John McCrae. Then,…

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    One on One

    In our house we have been blessed with two little kiddo’s. They are just about 2 years apart almost to the day. Needless to say life was pretty busy in those first days of being a mom of two. Through our moving and house hunting. It made for a hectic time. But at the same time the memories we made that first summer we were a family of four are ones I would not trade for anything. Fast forward a few years and now my little ones are age 4 and 6. Something that I have always read about is, making sure to take time to have one on one…

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    Books for Tots – Faith Based

    Easter is just around the corner and I try to add a book to my kids Easter baskets every year. So I thought I would share with you some of my family’s favorites! Because it is Easter I am only including faith based books in this post. (Also the post would be waaaay to long for all of them that we read) Also as a side note, I look for cute picture books. Several years ago I read an article about how children will spend hours looking at pictures and noticing all the details. So I try to keep that in mind when I am picking out a children’s book.…