Food and Fellowship

Two part post…


Each year, as a church, we plan out most of our events at the beginning of the year. This year, we stepped up the number of events that we have in hopes to have better fellowship and unity and also to see more folks get involved in the ministries and activities of the church. One of the “new” events we planned as a church was a fellowship meal after the evening service at the beginning of March. I say “new” because yes, we’ve had many of these in the past and they are always enjoyable, but this specific time was new because… wait for it… the men made and cooked the food!! Yes, we did… and as it turned out, we brought our A-game! In fact some of the ladies were teasing that since it turned out as good as it did, we should do it more often and give them a bit of a “break”. Of course, I know they didn’t really mean that… or did they?


Yes, I too was really excited about this particular event for two reasons. One, my husband is a decent cook and I was looking forward to bragging on him a bit, “ Yes my husband made that!”. Two, I didn’t have to cook!!! I had a really enjoyable afternoon. I took a nap, fed and watched the kids. And he not only cooked a good casserole and dessert, he cleaned up his dishes too (a very important part)!! I truly am blessed!


I did not tell her to write that… 😉

Can you guess which main dish was mine? (hint: ironically it happens to be the one you can barely even see)

Can you tell which one is mine?

Can you guess the dessert?

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