Its the little things

A family from church had a house fire caused by their dryer a few months ago.  This got me to thinking about our dryer, and the fact that I haven’t really cleaned it out (other than emptying the lint screen with every load) since we bought it 10 years ago.  Lint catches fire so easily, and I know the screen doesn’t catch everything!  I went downstairs today armed with a screwdriver, Q-tips, rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth. When I took the lint screen housing off, it was amazing how much lint was inside. Unfortunately, the main part of the housing was attached to the dryer by some wires that I couldn’t remove, so there I sat on the floor to finish the cleaning…

The Q-tips and rubbing alcohol came in handy with the grating on the screen housing.  The holes are too small for wiping with the cloth, but when helping Derek with fire cleanups in Salt Lake we used Q-tips a lot, and they are really great for cleaning tight areas!  The grating was caked with lint that liked to stick, so the rubbing alcohol was key.  Seems strange that the dryer would be so dirty, since the clothes should be clean when they are running through it, but I guess 10 years of lint adds up…

After about 45 minutes, I was finished, and my dryer grate is clean and white again 🙂  I also washed my lint screen with hot water, dish soap and a fingernail brush.

My dryer should now be safer and more efficient to run!


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