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One on One

In our house we have been blessed with two little kiddo’s. They are just about 2 years apart almost to the day. Needless to say life was pretty busy in those first days of being a mom of two. Through our moving and house hunting. It made for a hectic time. But at the same time the memories we made that first summer we were a family of four are ones I would not trade for anything. Fast forward a few years and now my little ones are age 4 and 6. Something that I have always read about is, making sure to take time to have one on one time with each of your kids.

Ready to Garden

While this is something that I have always planned to do, somehow in the hustle and bustle the last few years it got forgotten about, save for a few exceptions. But this year my daughter was old enough to be part of a basketball team. Daddy was her coach. So one night a week for about an hour, it was just My little guy and me. Instead of cleaning or completing my to do list. I made time to do something with just him.

I discovered two things: He loved it! Just that small amount of time that I focused just on him. He was like a little sponge that soaked it all in. His smiles were bigger and I received multiple hugs through out the night. “Mama this is fun!”

Reading with my little guy

The second thing that I learned. It does not need to be expensive or a huge deal. Here are some of the things we did. We went to the store, ( Wow is it different taking only one child!) watched his favorite movie on the couch, did a craft together ( he had his and mine was different but he loved that we were doing it together) read books, and even did a act of kindness for his sister while she was gone.

 Since then I have tried to do something one on one with each of my kids. Every other week.

One week my daughter and I washed dishes together. Yes it was slower and messier but she loved it. Since then I often hear, ” Mama, I can help you wash the dishes!”. Another time we went to a baby shower and went out to eat before hand. She talked the whole time. And it was great! I especially liked her jokes. ” Why did the strawberry climb a tree? To get squished!”

Mommy and Daughter

Each and every time I make the effort to do this, I see a big difference in them. They seem to blossom and grow in the that little time that is just for them. And isn’t that what being a parent is all about? Making a difference a little bit each day? Not every day is Pinterest perfect but I hope that each day they know they are loved, cherished, and important. I want them to know, that I am not too busy to stop and focus just on them. I am reminded of this quote.

Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what. If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff. ~ Catherine M. Wallace

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