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Today Kendrick is one month old. He is just beginning to do the “coo-ing” or *sighing* noises. I think he’s trying to have a deep conversation… but we are still working on his communication skills. 🙂 They are a little too basic just yet. 😉

But as I was thinking about this, my mind wandered back to my (and my siblings) childhood; all the fun, fond, and not so fond memories of that time. It’s interesting to think back on all the things we did as kids before all this technology entered our lives. All the running around we did outdoors and the busy-ness that we had, which we never thought twice about. It was normal to our way of life at that time.
I remember the bottle rocket fights we had; the bike trips we took (down the street and ‘real’ ones); the forts we built in the woods; the poison ivy we got into; the bee sting that my younger brother received on his tongue… for talking to much… well, not really… but it’s funny to think about now. 🙂 Oh, and I can’t forget about all the stitches I had to get from all the “smart” things I did too!

I can honestly say all those things that we experienced are the same childhood I would want for all kids now, including our little ones. All the problems with safety these days, and everyone so easy to give up freedoms to keep kids from skinning their knee… safety is important, but for crying out loud, let a kid have fun sledding down a snowhill in the winter without the need to ban sledding! (That was in the news today about a reaction of a town in Iowa to a Nebraska lawsuit case.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology! I wouldn’t do the work I do and have the opportunities I have without it. But what happened to “those good ‘ol days”?
Sometimes… just sometimes, I feel like I’d be willing to give it all up to have the simple lifestyle we had that was real, genuine, and in-person (as opposed to online – and yes, I do see the irony of typing that here in an online post).

I pray, dream, and hope for the same thing (minus the stitches) for the next generation.

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