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The Enchanting Hour

There is a special time in my house that a friend of mine calls the enchanting hour. A time when my house is still. During that time I read, write, fold laundry, or occasionally catch up on a show. Mainly it is a quiet time. If dishes are in the sink, I leave them for the time being. The vacuuming can wait for later.

Literally, if anything noisy needs to be done, I can ABSOLUTELY leave it alone!

Why? Because it is nap time, and I want my kids to go to sleep!  But seriously, I have other reasons why is this such a special time as well.

This is a time when my heart and spirit can do a little recharging.  During this time, when I  read a book, or listen to a podcast/audiobook, it seems to mean something more, a little extra focus to help me go deeper inside. Some of my best ideas for writing/blogging come during this time.

I think that God made each of us that way, not just mama’s.

We all need a time to recharge or just sit still. God created us with an emptiness or longing that desires to be filled. Ultimately it is something that God’s spirit fills in us through fellowship with Him.

David talked about it in one of his Psalms when he writes about a deer panting after water. Or a sheep laying down in green pastures. In my minds eye I see myself in a lush field of green, rolling in the grass on a perfect summer day. While it is not possible to actually visit that field every day, we can have a  quietness in our soul each day.

I am not necessarily talking about a devotional time either. I think that is a separate daily habit we need to incorporate in our life, preferably in the morning before we begin our day.

I am talking about an additional quiet time when we can press pause, be still, and simply embrace the quietness of the moment.  For me, this quiet stillness is so refreshing. A time when I can talk to God about all my hopes, dreams, and even about my worries and anxiousness.

I get to reflect and think about so many things. Sometimes it’s stories that I want to write, or pausing to think about a chapter I just read in a book, and ways I can apply it to my life. Or it’s sitting down to put my thoughts into print, like what you’re reading here!

This “enchanting hour” is a reset button to my day. And when my kids wake up, I am ready to embrace the noise and joys of having young children. Because I LOVE those sounds too!

And this doesn’t have to be only for us who are home with the kids.  I have always enjoyed this quiet enchanting time, even before staying home with kids.

When I served as a teacher in many of our surrounding school districts, for me it was the lunch hour, or the planning time a little later in the afternoon. Sometimes I would go to the lounge and lunch with other teachers and come back refreshed from fellowship. But there was also many times that I would eat in my classroom to get things done. And the quiet and stillness of the classroom was amazing, even though I was busy, checking to-do’s off my list.

The stillness was just what I needed to recharge in the afternoon for the rest of my day.

When I worked at other places that did not have a quiet room, it was my car, or my drive home. I live in the country, so I usually have anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to get anywhere. That was my recharge time, or my “enchanting hour”.

I encourage you to look at your daily schedule and find a time that can be your “enchanting hour” where you can be your version of quiet. You might be surprised at the change it makes to your day.

Find that Enchanting Hour!

Photo by Volha Kudzina on Unsplash
by volha kudzina on unsplash

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