Whimpy fitness might be just the thing

I have a fitness calendar integrated into Google calendar, and it will be one of my goals for the next 12 weeks. I hope to tone and get regular without hurting my back. I also am encouraged by my friends at the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we exercise together, by walking, swimming, or weight lifting. I also am sharing bits of knowledge with my husband, to encourage us both.

My plan is a variant of the Royal Canadian Airforce Exercise Plans for Physical Fitness. There is a 5BX plan for men and an XBX plan for women. The plan is made to be accomplished daily in a few minutes, with a main goal to be regular every day, because of the short time and because you do not need equipment. Encouraging yet? It has been to me.

Walk down the street


  • Jacqueline Granquist

    Just want to encourage you to keep going! One of my new goals for 2015 was to work out regularly as well. I have started small with a quick routine done 3 times a week. Soon I will be upping the repetitions, and eventually I will work into 5 days a week. Let’s help keep each other accountable!

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