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Our Sundays are usually very hectic in the morning, as we are getting ready for church and sailing out the door to make it to Sunday School on time. Growing up we always had a nice Sunday dinner after church, and it is something that, to me, just makes Sunday, well…, Sunday. 🙂

Last Sunday morning, was hectic, and I hurriedly stuffed salad items into a bag to bring to my parents for Sunday dinner. Mom must have had a hectic morning too, because when we got to church, I found out that she did not have a dinner cooking in the oven at home. Sooo, my Dad, very spontaneously, suggested that we all ( Roger and I, Kaylyn, my three siblings, Mom and Dad, and a couple from church) go out to eat at The Shack. Roger and I had not been there since we were married and thought it would be fun, as well.
The Shack is out in the “sticks,” we like to joke, and it has a little lake, gift shop, and guest rooms in addition to the dining area. Everything appears to be built of pine logs, and the tables are remarkable! It is a rustic, yet pretty place. One of my favorite things is that, in the spring, they have flower beds in actual bed frames on the property. This Sunday was pretty nippy, so we did not venture outside with Kaylyn, but will definitely have a return visit when it is warmer.
It was fun to go out to eat at a nice family style restaurant and just have fun visiting with family and friends. It is also fun eating something you didn’t have to make. Kaylyn enjoyed walking around the big pine tables and peeking around the chairs, while we fellowshipped. All in all, it was an enjoyable afternoon. Special bonus: no dishes!!









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