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A Week in the Country

This past week I have been house sitting for my parents. It has been a lot of fun to be out in the country. This time of year is so so beautiful!! It has taken this girl a few days to adjust but I am finally getting into the swing of things. With house sitting I am also “animal sitting”. That one was interesting! I grew up with a few chickens and cows but I never really had to care for them as it was my brothers job to do that. Occasionally, I would bottle feed the baby cows, or let the bigger cows out onto their tether, and gather the eggs. However this time it was ever so different. I had to take care of the chickens, a mama goat and her two babies. Me… all by myself.
Y’all I milked a goat! A “first-time-momma” goat!
I have never milked anything before so this was a big “tada moment” for me! The first time I did it after my mother left I was so nervous, especially when I couldn’t get the milk to come out right away. But after slowing down and thinking through the process (and a lot of praying and fasting… well, not fasting really, but definitely saying prayers), I started again and finally got milk! I am not the fastest milker, but I got the job done. The chickens were not so challenging for this girl. Ok, after you get past the smell…

I was dreading gathering the eggs and having to stare down the hens and move them aside to reach the eggs. But my parents just built a new house for them and it was amazing!!! Their nests are clean and rarely are they inside when I gather the eggs. Wohoo!!!
I have two helpers that come with me in the afternoon! Aren’t they cute!!!

Kaylyn especially enjoyed the baby goats. As we walked out to their house she would say, “I coming Doats! I coming Doats!”

She talks to the baby goats the entire time I am milking. Excited giggles are heard when she has coaxed them to come to the door of their pen and she can pet them!
And then there’s spring… it is spring here at last and the May flowers are popping up everywhere! I am so glad God made flowers, they are such elegant beauties in an elegant country (had to throw that in there).


As unique as it is to care for goats and chickens along with two little kiddos, it’s really a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.

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