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Christmas Lunch at Mrs. Rose’s

This past weekend I had the wonderful experience of enjoying a (rather late) Christmas lunch at Mrs. Rose’s house. Mrs. Rose is a fabulous cook that attends our church. She and her husband have been a part of the church since the building first went up back around 1964! Every year, during the Christmas season, she and her husband (Bernie) invite us over for a scrumptious meal and simple gift exchange. This has been a tradition for my family for many years. When my siblings and I were younger we would always look forward to the two or three times a year that she would invite us over for Sunday dinner. We never wanted to even eat breakfast just to be sure we had enough room for the delicious meal in the afternoon! Since my family has grown and expanded (marriage does that to most families) and the fact that Mrs. Rose and her husband aren’t getting any younger, we only go once a year now. But it is definetly one of the year’s top highlights.

Mr Bernie waiting for the lunch meal

Mrs. Rose is a great hostess, and I was suprised this week when she spoke that how, when she was growing up, she was never in the kitchen but was always doing chores for her dad on the farm – slopping pigs, chickens, cows, etc. However, when she was going into her teenage years, she began to have algeries so bad that she could no longer work on the farm and so she got a job at a restuarant in town. Mrs. Rose was a waitress, but she explained that every time she wasn’t busy she would be in the back watching the cooks. I think her restaurant MUST have been blessed with great cooks judging from how Mrs. Rose can cook up some incredible dishes! Since I have been married, she has eagerly shared tips with me every now and then; and I do my best to remember and use them. One of the things she always says is that the presentation matters as much as the taste. You have to make your dish look appetizing. Mrs. Rose does this with all of her dishes but especially her desserts. Oh how I love her desserts! I rarely come across any that come close to what she always presents.

However it is not just her food that is fabulous. Her house is tastefully decorated and she is always adding something new to keep it looking special.

A sampling of Mrs Rose’s wonderful decorations all around the house

This year Mrs. Rose out did herself on our gifts. The gifts that she gives are often theme related and similar. The boys all get the same gift and the girls all get the same, just varied a little. This year she made us girls the cutest aprons out of collard shirts. They were absolutely darling. Each one turned out slightly different and unique. Mine was made from a man’s western shirt and she added lace and girly buttons to it. Then she made my daughter one that matches close to mine (her’s is a western purple shirt as well). I don’t know where she comes up with these neat ideas each year,(she doesn’t get onto Pinterest) but she is one very creative and resourceful lady!

Kaylyn’s kitchen apron hand-sewn by Mrs Rose
Amber’s kitchen apron hand-sewn by Mrs Rose
Aminta’s kitchen apron hand-sewn by Mrs Rose

As always, it is a pleasant experience to be guests at Mrs. Roses house. You always leave refreshed and stuffed! Though my husband and I do not entertain often, when we do, I strive to give our guests the “Mrs. Rose experience”.

Enjoying newly opened gifts
With Aunt and Uncle
Kendrick “trying” out uncle’s new hat
Sporting her new PJ’s from Mrs. Rose and Mr. Bernie before going to bed

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