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Home Keeping 101

As a mom and wife, I am trying to really work on an area that I struggle in…Homekeeping.

In our 11 years of marriage I have had times when I did it almost perfectly and I have had times that it really needed some help. Currently I am somewhere in the middle. I want my home to be better than what it is, but it has been worse. So today I want to share a few things that help me keep on top of it.

First thing make a list. If you are struggling, make a list because if you don’t you will forget something. I have a list for each room in the house. As well as a daily chore list, a monthly chore list, and yearly chore list. My list is a direct copy of Good Housekeeping. I looked it up on line and printed it off. Then I broke it down to doing their weekly chore list to different days divided up by a room for each day. I adjust this list from time to time so that it continues to work for me. Then I typed it up on my computer, added a few flowers to make it pretty and printed off for the month.

Second thing FOLLOW THE PLAN. For me this is my biggest struggle. I am great at making lists and planning my day, But I really struggle to follow that plan the whole day.  If I would just follow this list every day my house would be awesome. If I would follow my plan that I have made for the day, I would have time for everything I want to do.  But so many times I get in the middle of a project on the plan and when the time is up, I keep going because I want to finish it. (Even if that wasn’t in the plan) Or something comes up that I didn’t plan on and it is a good thing to do. But I am working hard on being intentional with my time and staying in the plan. Some things that have helped me with that is listening to podcast and reading books about time organization. Granted I have a way to go yet, but I am improving.

Third thing that really helps me is, ONE LOAD of laundry every day. Wash it, fold it, AND put it away. I came across this tip from a home making bundle add. They were advertising a homemaking bundle and had a few tips that were free. This was one of them. And it makes laundry more enjoyable and simpler. Let me also take a minute here to say if your struggling with home making.

There is a wealth of knowledge on the internet. I was even shocked to find they have courses you can take about it. And in retrospect, I wish they would have had one available in high school and college. Why? Because it is such a vital part of life and isn’t that what education institutions supposed to get you ready for?

A few of my favorite home making blogs that I follow are: 

  • Young Wife’s Guide: Home by Jami Balmet. She even has a podcast that you can listen to if you like.
  • Living Well Spending Less is also a favorite. I especially liked her blog post about making your bed every day. The author to this blog is Ruth Soukup.
  • The last one that I want to share today is not a blog but an author, Elizabeth George. She has several books about being a wife and mother – how it is not just checking off a to do list each day, but having a proper heart that creates the atmosphere of a home.

…okay, off my rabbit trail and back to my last tip.

The Fourth thing is to do an evening pick up before bed. For me, I have learned that it has to be done right after supper or I am too tired to care later on, simple as that.

So, there you go, four tips that help me be a better homekeeper. I will check in a bit later and let you know how I am progressing. Do you have any helpful tips? I would love to hear them! Also, if you are interested in a copy of my list, please comment below and I will be happy to send it to you!

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