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Inspiration for Patch the Pirate

Patch the Pirate
Patch the Pirate
As you may already know, Ron Hamilton often takes familiar voices, phrases, tunes and put his own twist on them and uses them in his Patch the Pirate stories.

I was listening to The Custard’s Last Stand while working and for the first time connected the dots between these two songs and found it quite interesting.

Do you notice the similarity?  🙂

* If you don’t have Spotify installed, I would definitely recommend it.  I use it and find it much more desirable than Pandora.  Spotify is free and allows you to pick an album, i.e.  Patch the Pirate – The Custard’s Last Stand, and play strictly that album and even pause, rewind, or replay the tracks.  If you don’t like the commercials (and you’d like to be able to cache the songs for offline listening on a phone or tablet), the less-than-$10 fee is worth the expense in my humble opinion.


  • Roger

    Interesting! How’d you connect the two? Did you hear both tracks recently and caught the similarities? or someone or something brought you on to this?
    I just signed up for Spotify. It won’t let me play the song without having an account.

  • Derek

    Roger, Yes you have to have an account to use Spotify, just like Pandora or others but it is still free unless you choose to have the paid features.
    I was listening to Patch the Pirate and remembered hearing a similar melody not that long ago and after I thought about it a short while I recalled the song that Perry Como sang. 🙂

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