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Life Matters

Amber and I had the opportunity to go with our work family to the event held at Frederick Meijer Gardens “Life Matters Worldwide”.
We don’t get out very often to attend events but when we do, we always end up having a wonderful time. We always say at the end that we should “do this more often”. Not sure how well we hold to that, but I do know I will be going to this event every year from now on as well as helping to sponsor in the small ways we can.
We had a wonderful dinner with our table sponsored by our company and good fellowship with like-minded friends.

So, about the event…Life Matters Worldwide is the non-profit that has been extremely beneficial in helping America gain victory over the huge blight of abortion. They aid in helping set up pregnency centers all around the country (and worldwide hence the name) and aid in getting necessary equipemnt into those centers. The purpose and goal of this is to offer a first solution for women who are with child and deciding on what to do. Many come from very broken and fragmented families and a scarred past, and for many, even have already had abortions prior. The solution is to aid in their decision to choose life and the deeper meaning of the organization is to help show each individual the value of life by understanding where life comes from. They have the opportunity to give the gospel with a viewpoint of new life. It seems like the only answer for us to become more a part of this.I really like that they offer lots of material for churches to engage church members as well as the community.

What is our value of life?

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