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    Evening Songs

    Today was a rough day for baby and I. She must be teething as she has been uncharacteristically “fussy”. As evening came and her bedtime drew near, she was not asleep by the time she finished her bottle, so we started to sing. We began with her favorites, she loves to ‘sing’ the song Running Over and does the actions as I sing them. It is absolutely adorable! After I had exhausted my usual list of songs, and she was just drifting off, my mind wandered to a memory of my Grandpa singing to us in the evening. So for the first time, I sang some of my Grandpa’s songs…

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    She was trying to lay down and keep as clean as possible, so she carefully laid out a hand towel with ever such care and proceeded to lay her head right on top, as if to say “I’m keeping clean!”. 🙂

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    Active is Better

    Yesterday was a “growth” day for little Kaylyn. By growth, I mean she seemed to want to talk more, run more, chase more, laugh more, …you get the idea. She was so busy playing with her cousin and babbling and moving constantly! Mom dressed her in a beautiful dress that was originally thought to be her “Easter dress”. But apparently mom informed me that she in fact has several really nice dresses that can work for Easter, so Sunday was Kaylyn’s “pre-Easter” trial to see that she wouldn’t totally destroy the beautiful attire she was adorned with. 🙂 I’d say she passed with flying colors! She is most definitely a girl!