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    Spontaneously Planned

    Kids have an adept ability to be creative, competitive, thoughtful, rude, kind, and mean, all in the same day! I will share something that happened this week with the kids at home. We were enjoying a couple of nights ago at home as a family. Nothing fancy or costly. We played a game or two, and the kids got to release a bunch of energy “playing” with dad. The “dad can we please play with you” request, which I seem to hear EVERY day, is code for “lets climb and wrestle all over you until you’re too tired and then keep doing it some more”! Honestly, it’s these evenings that…

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    A Week in the Country

    This past week I have been house sitting for my parents. It has been a lot of fun to be out in the country. This time of year is so so beautiful!! It has taken this girl a few days to adjust but I am finally getting into the swing of things. With house sitting I am also “animal sitting”. That one was interesting! I grew up with a few chickens and cows but I never really had to care for them as it was my brothers job to do that. Occasionally, I would bottle feed the baby cows, or let the bigger cows out onto their tether, and gather…