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Today when I sat down to write, Kaylyn was busy playing with her toys. As I became deeper immersed in my thoughts and plans for the day my little sunbeam comes running up to me all excited, jabbering away at what she has in her hand, Mommy’s chapstick. I am reminded that I have a girly girl.




I love to watch her play with her dolls, pretend to put chapstick on just like mommy, or finger her pretty necklace that she wears. In my heart of hearts when I first found out that she was to be a girl, I hoped that she would be all things girl. And in this short year that she has been in our lives, I find that God answered all my secret desires. This sweet little bundle is so full of energy, joy and her own way. My blessing from the Lord. I am reminded that each day as I watch her play, grow and develop, my heart swells with love for her and I thank God for my little sunbeam. It also makes me think of God and his love for his children, How much more must He love us?

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